Stock Market Forecast – Are You Ready For the Coming Crash?

The Next Major Market Drop Is Coming . . . Are You Ready?

Recently I have been working on a new upcoming Special Report called “Delusion.” It’s a look at how the government, media, popular economists, and common discussion forums are consciously ignoring the most basic of economic principles and ushering in their worst nightmare in economic meltdown.

The current “recovery” in the US stock market has some people believing the worst is over and the economic hardships will be ending soon. However, the wise investor who is willing to open his eyes to differing opinions knows the same people who predicted the most recent wave of market woes are expecting still lower moves in the coming weeks and months. Here are five reasons the stock market is about to continue its move lower and what you can do about it.

1. All of the informed economists are predicting a deeper crash.

Most economists missed the most recent downturn, which has been described as “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” They are popular economists who pretend to be educated but rarely catch the major economic swings. However, a few informed economists did not miss the downturn of 2008. Harry Dent, Robert Prechter, Thomas Woods, and the entire Austrian School of Economics, just to name a few, saw this disaster coming years in advance. They warned, but no one listened. And they are all in agreement: the worst is yet to come. Are you ready…?

2. Market technicals reveal the current rally is over.

Since the low in March 2009, the stock market has enjoyed a decent rally. But most people fail to realize that the Dow is currently telling us a story if we know how to listen. The Dow chart reveals a classic head and shoulders pattern forming, which is indicative of an impending reversal. If the economists mentioned above are correct, the downturn will be worse than before, and this current head and shoulders reversal pattern says NOW is the turning point. Are you ready…?

3. The forms match the Great Depression.

In 1929 the stock market finished the great bull run of the 1920s with a bust-a bust that gave up 50{5579a4f790a1703f03f9e8973666cfa8cd3511cf74edb6fd520545ba0854a635} of the total market value. After a small six-month rally people thought the market was recovering only to be thrust into an even worse market selloff that gave back virtually all of the value of the market. More recently, since the extreme highs in 2007, the market has again lost right around 50{5579a4f790a1703f03f9e8973666cfa8cd3511cf74edb6fd520545ba0854a635} of its value. This was followed by the current six-month rally, which has everyone buzzing of market recovery-just like in 1929. Yet just like 1929, all indications are that the market is about to enter a horrible bearish turn that will wipe out the complete retirement of many investors. Again, just like in 1929. History has a strange way of repeating itself. Are you ready…?

4. Government spending has bankrupted the apathetic American people.

The Bush administration began a wave of spending never before seen in American history, but the Obama administration is making the previous administration look like child’s play. Yet the American people are sitting on their hands and holding their mouths in the hopesthat their suspicions are wrong-that the government really does know what it’s doing. However, on a daily basis more and more non-existent tax dollars are being spent in a futile attempt to stave off what the government knows is coming…another Depression. And the people are just watching in denial-delusional bystanders, if you will, hoping what they know in their gut is not true. And all the extra spending is guaranteeing the eventual outcome the government is “trying” to avoid. This massive government progression has already bankrupted America, but no one is listening. It’s just a matter of time before the house of cards comes falling. Are you ready…?

5. The Federal Reserve has created a no-win trap that is ensuring a market collapse while setting the stage for a hyper-inflation never before seen in America.

The Federal Reserve’s job is to prevent economic meltdown, yet they created a nightmare through their controlled inflationpolicies, policies they are now trying to fix by extending the nightmare and hoping it ends differently. Over one hundred years ago the Austrian School of Economics predicted this eventual outcome from any central banking system. Yet the Fed believes it is better than the laws of economic nature.

Ben Bernanke, in his explanation of how the United States is immune to another Depression, announced in a 2002 speech to the National Economists Club, Washington, D.C., his plan to take over private sectors with the Fed, take over private banking and private industry, and manage our way out of any economic troubles. No one listened and no one understood the dangers in his plans. Now people are questioning how this man took so much control, and all the while Bernanke is printing money like it’s monopoly money, trying to overcome the nightmare the Fed itself created. Meanwhile, the value of US currency is about to become worthless. This money printing is creating a situation of hyper-inflation that will in all likelihood be the demise of the US Dollar. Are you ready…?

The coming economic crash will make the last two years look like times of economic prosperity. And yet you can survive if you know how. If you want to survive the coming crash, you have to be prepared. You have to know how to spot and profit from both bullish and bearish market reversals. While most Americans are about to lose everything they’ve ever saved for retirement, if you know how, you can prosper from the largest stock market crash in US history. Will you be on the right side of the trade? Do you know how to make money when the market goes down? Are you ready…?

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