Add-on Solutions For Your Dedicated Server

A dedicated server comes within the domain and hosting plan. A dedicated hosting is a server that is fully dedicated to a single website. You can easily invest in a dedicated server online. If you are looking for a dedicated server in a specific location, it is quite convenient to find it online.

For example- if you are looking for a dedicated server in Singapore you can type in “dedicated server in Singapore” on your browser and choose from available options. There are severalbenefits of a dedicated server like greater security, scalability, reliability, better performance, more control, etc.

However, different websites have different needs. With a dedicated server, you can customise your server according to your website’s needs and requirements. This can be done with the help of Add-on solutions.

In this article, we will discuss different add-on solutions available online for your dedicated server.

Add-on solutions available for your Dedicated Server

Below are some Add-on solutions available for your dedicated server-

●       Control Panel Add-on

There are certain benefits of in control panel add-on that can enhance your dedicated server’s performance, like backup tools and Softaculous.

Regularly backing up your website is essential, it avoids any risk of losing data. Thus a backup tool in a control panel is necessary in any dedicated server hosting plan. This could already be a part of the hosting plan if not, you can add on this feature to ensure your server’s backup.

Softaculous, on the other hand, is a software installer. If you do not have extensive technical knowledge, this can help; Softaculous will be very helpful in your control panel.

●       Security Add-ons

Dedicated servers are prone to cyber attacks, so security add-ons are essential to ensure top-notch security. Certain security solutions add-ons are available, such as Firewalls and VPNs, DDoS prevention, Anti-spam tools, etc.

Firewalls inspect all visitors before they can visit your dedicated server. On the other hand, a VPN encrypts and protects your connection when you are browsing, ensuring a lower risk of hackers.

DDoS, or distributed denial of service, ensures that your dedicated server does not have excess fake traffic. Protecting your dedicated server from these DDoS attacks is essential.

Anti-spam tools protect you from getting email spam. Make Sure you have an anti-spam tool within your hosting plan, as spam can result in blacklisting and IP bans.

●       Management and Admin Add-ons

To get extra help on your dedicated server, you can add different management and admin add-ons, such as dedicated admin, monitoring services, and professional support.

A dedicated admin ensures that you have a person dedicated to your server. This means you will always have someone to contact regarding your dedicated server.

Monitoring services monitor different aspects of your server, such as web traffic, visitor analysis, and server performance. This add-on makes it easy to monitor these things.

Professional support gives you a different perspective on things related to your dedicated server. Having a group of professional support will help your dedicated server.

To Wrap It Up

By having these add-on solutions, you avoid several risks related to your dedicated server. Make sure these add-ons are made available by your hosting provider.

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