How to Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

You Don’t Need a Search Engine Marketing Firm to Get your business Listed on Google Maps. You can list your business on the Google local business center by yourself without paying Internet marketing companies or a search engine marketing firm like us You may list your business on Google Maps yourself at no cost easily, it just takes a little time and patience to do it nicely.

Step 1. Type in your local area…Use the name of your Town or City, Zip code or postcode and combine this with the service or product that you provide, for example “Accountant – New York, NY” or “Chiropractor, London, UK”.

Step 2. You will see a map listing on the first page and with a list of 7 businesses. These are probably benefiting greatly from being on this spot which generates highly targeted leads. This is prime virtual Real Estate and you can clearly see that Google gives this more prominence over the traditional universal search and top ten spots below.

Do you think that Google likes local search and sees it a a relevant way to go for the future? You Bet!

Google, MSN and Yahoo have all spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing local search and there is a war going on between the search engines for dominance of the local search services market. This is great news for those that take advantage of the situation early!

Step 3. Click on the text that says Local business results for accountant near New York, NY…Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page where the search box is that you can type into, underneath that there should be a blue underlined text (this is a hyperlink) that says “Information for business owners”…Click on this and it will take you to the Google local business center home page.

Here you will see the option to sign up, go ahead, its fairly simple, there is videos too showing how to do it and take advantage of the growing tend of local business search which has now taken over from yellow pages. These days people find what they are looking for in the cell phone and mobile phones as they all connect to the Internet as a standard feature, so this mans that all the info they need is right there in their pocket!

They use local search for reviews, discounts, directions and prices. If you are not there then your competitor is taking advantage in your market, leaving you behind.

If you do choose to list yourself, be careful to follow Google guidelines.However, if you want to rank highly on that first page where the first businesses show up then you will need a search engine marketing service provider who understands how to analyze the keywords used, the search volumes they produce and who has the ability to place you on the first page within the 7 box.. Also, If your time is valuable you might want to get this done quickly and not have to focus on it yourself.

If you choose to do it yourself make sure you learn which keyword phrases includes the local search map and which keyword phrases you need to use to help you rank on the first page.

Using a search engine optimization consultant will not only tell you whether Google Page One includes a local business results map for your products or services, but the best services will get your business on Google first page, in the Google Local business Center results.

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