When to Wear a Silk Tie

Silk neckties are the most popular kind of necktie around. Of course, there are polyester ties, wool ties, and even cardboard ties, but among them silk ties are still widely preferred. Why? What’s in a tie?

First of all, note that silk neckties are not made the same and equal. They differ from material used to certain attributes – same criteria to keep in mind when buying ties. Silk neckties may come either from woven silk and printed silk. Woven silk are preferred over printed silk. Woven silk neckties have texture and depth wherein printed silk ties have none – plain flat and smooth. The weight of silk ties also varies. Heavier silk ties drape better. You can also look at the other details such as linings, texture, shape, and design.

There are special occasions when silk neckties are most appropriate but generally, silk ties are best worn with formal attire and during formal events.

For example, there are exclusively formal occasions such as wedding, funeral services, and batch reunion parties. On such times, wearing silk ties is the norm and considered as standard. If you’re not wearing a tie at the moment, you are already under-dressed.

That’s almost the same rule when wearing ties for formal and fancy dinners or dates.

Classic colors for silk ties are black, white and silver. They can come either in bold solid colors or patterned designs. These colors best suit black tie events. White, silver, or light colors such as blue or pink are popular wedding tie colors while solid colored ties are great for evening events.

Silk neckties are also commonly worn with office attire. Silk ties can be worn for both formal and casual business attire. And why not, wearing the silk type does not only indicate formality and suggest fashion style, it never fails to give a boosts of professional look. With a slight exception on Wash Wednesdays or Casual Fridays where men are free to wear fancy ties (some novelty ties are made of silk, too). But for formal corporate events, silk neckties are usually part of the dress code. Silk ties are a must during business meeting, conventions, or office presentations.

There are exceptions of course. Judge certain instances where wearing the tie is more than unnecessary. The best ground to exclude the tie in your dress code is for safety reasons; when wearing it already poses health risk and danger at your workplace or in your line of work.

For example, if your job requires you to work with or operate machines, entanglement is very possible. High risk professions, no matter how noble, also re-consider wearing neckties. For policemen, ties can possibly be used in an assault; it can be pulled down hard to choke, strangle, or block the airway at some point. In the medical profession, usually ties are skipped for sanitary purposes. Ties can well put patients to infection risk. It’s unlikely to see a surgeon inside the E.R. or O.R. with a tie dangling from his collar.

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