The Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee

California’s unemployment rate is now the highest it’s been in nearly 70 years. While some are still struggling to find a new job as an employee, there are those with the entrepreneurial spirit who have decided to create their own job by becoming a business owner – an entrepreneur.

A rapidly growing industry is that of virtual assistants, also know as VAs. Though small business owners cut back on expenses and lay off employees, they still need have a need for certain tasks to be done – such as bookkeeping, phone calls, document creation and other administrative tasks. Instead of hiring a full-time or even part-time employee, they have chosen to hire a virtual assistant to handle these tasks and pay only for the work they actually need.

A virtual assistant is not an employee; he or she is self-employed. Being self-employed makes a VA an entrepreneur, a business owner. In the rapidly growing industry of virtual assistants, just about anyone can say they are a VA. They might have a computer, internet access, and the desire to work from home.

But is that enough to succeed as a virtual assistant? Is that all it takes to run a business? Successful business owners, including VAs, need to have good business sense. They need to understand what it takes to run a business.

Many new and aspiring VAs have the skills necessary to perform required tasks. However, many need basic guidance on how to run a business – how to be a business owner. Running a successful business entails a variety of tasks. Just some of the things that need to be considered are a business plan, mission statement, how to read and understand profit and loss statements, setting rates and revenue goals, creating action plans and branding strategies, contracts, and time management.

It’s a huge leap to go from an employed administrative assistant to a virtual assistant business owner. There is a need to do research, gain the knowledge, find resources and the support needed to make that transition as smooth as possible. There are forums, eBooks, coaches and mentors that can provide valuable information and support.

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