Start Earning Money Today With Just a 100 Pounds Investment

It is a misconception that one needs thousands of pounds or dollars to invest in the stock, share or forex markets. It is very easy to open a spread betting account with as little as £100 and this is enough investment for you to make small short term trades. You could open an account and start earning money today with just £100 investment.

The Forex markets are the best place to concentrate on with small low value trades, as the market is so volatile it is possible to only have to trade at £0.50 a pip and make profits as much as £50 in a single day. For those of you that know nothing about the forex markets and how it works I have a quick explanation for you.

The forex market in the trading of currency pairs, one against the other, for instance the GBP/USD is the British pound against the United States Dollar. It is normally the last two decimal places that are traded the value being a tenth of a penny. When you make a trade on this currency pairing in simple terms you are basically placing a bet that the currency is either going to increase or decrease in value. Although the term bet is used I do not look at forex trading as gambling. Reason being there is so much technical and fundamental information available to make your decision on whether to buy or sell that it is a highly educated decision.

Do not let it put you off, that to be educated in forex trading is the key to success, as there are plenty of clubs and software available to do all the work for you. It is simply a matter of choosing the right club or software to fit your needs and ambitions. It is possible to start earning money today with just a £100 investment.

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