Media Exposure/PR/Publicity Tips: What Is Your Unicorn Factor?

When it comes to landing media interest and exposure from writers, reporters, producers and bloggers nationally, don’t be like everyone else… literally.

I always tell my clients and folks I consult with:

“My media contacts aren’t looking for horses or even zebras, they are looking for UNICORNS – so, what is your Unicorn Factor?”

What makes your biz, product or expertise a unicorn in this horse and zebra world?

What makes it unique and therefore interesting and newsworthy to the media and customers?

Many top public relations agencies, media exposure specialists and publicists nationally have followed this philosophy successfully for years to generate widespread media exposure for our clients all over North America.

The key is to first identify those differentiators that are most compelling and then share those newspegs with media contacts at newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and online media nationally to help them put together great content for their outlets — and create valuable exposure for you, your business or product.

Each entrepreneur, company, product or expert is different and unique is SOME way – a unicorn. But you need to make that fact known and shared with the media market to reap the benefits.

Your task (or your PR team’s task) is coming up with YOUR genuine differentiator and then sharing that fact with applicable media contacts everywhere – media contacts who are always looking to feature such topics for their readers, viewers, followers and subscribers.

So, I challenge you – find your Unicorn Factor… and then spread the news.

Best of luck!

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