How to Be a Network Marketing Entrepreneur

Wouldn’t you like to know how to take your network marketing business to the next level? To explode it to that dimension you dreamed it would be when you first saw it? And to the strength the top earners have?

Then you need to become an MLM entrepreneur!

And just what is that?

Entrepreneur Definition

Well the Wikipedia, gives a definition of an entrepreneur as “a person who has possession over a new enterprise or venture and assumes full accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome”.

The article then goes on to talk about how actually, when analyzed entrepreneurs do not assume great risk. When studied, they are risk averse. But their great passion for the task causes them to seek out new and more effective ways to utilize resources.

Network Marketing Responses

If your home based business is in the doldrums, there are a number of things you can do. You can carry on as before and hope something will happen (the definition of insanity isn’t it – doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome).

Or you can leave and join another multilevel marketing company.

Or you can quit.

An Entrepreneurial Response

But to succeed at anything you need to take ownership of it. Sure there will always be people in any organization who just want to be led (check out some of the information below). And there will be those who hope someone else is going to do it for them – isn’t it so much better when you are in an MLM company that actually rewards personal effort? At times you may benefit by default from someone below you exploding and you reaping those production rewards. But the best way to find such people is to be active in the business.

All multi-level marketing companies assume and treat you as an independent business owner. So why not be independent and an owner?

It means you really take it on as your own business and you seek out a way that works for you to succeed. Sure try what is recommended and if it works like wildfire, great! But if not keep your attention open for those possibilities and openings that will allow you to leap forward.

You have to have the absolute conviction that this is the company that will work and that you are the one who will make it work no matter what.

You take ownership of it and keep adjusting and trying and monitoring responses for what works until you find what does.

And when you do you will really have your own business and it will bring you the most deeply felt rewards.

Be happy to take your own path. Why not? If something does not work, you can always try another. It reminds me of John C Maxwell’s book “Failing Forward”. He notes, as do a number of others, that only those who are willing to make mistakes will succeed. And those who make the greatest number of mistakes (or are prepared to) will succeed massively. Those not willing to make mistakes will not do anything.

Or you can take on the adage that failure is only success in progress.

Entrepreneur Profiles

There is another aspect to this and for this I am indebted to the work of Roger Hamilton (of the XL and the Results Foundation) and his entrepreneur profiling.

This is huge.

And it fits well with the idea of network marketing and its team approach.

In his research on entrepreneurs Roger Hamilton identifies eight different types of entrepreneurs. And these align along the lines of four spectra of personality that originate from the Chinese I-Ching, with glimpses of it in the ideas of alchemy, brought through in the works of Carl Jung with his archetypes and then in personality profiling of the Myers Briggs tests used so commonly in employment and recruiting.

These correspond to the four elements of wood, earth, metal and fire.

What this work shows (and is reinforced with modern personality profiling) is that people have a basic vibration they function best at. They can attempt other ways of doing things but will find they succeed best when they follow their own pattern.

By doing this and allowing others in your organization to pursue things in their natural way you will find you team, your organization, home based business and opportunities will function optimally.

They will explode.

Which means we need to seek out for our teams those people who will complement our talents and, through synergy, create massive momentum.

The Fifth (Missing) Element

Roger identifies a fifth element, water, representing flow, that has been left out of the Western interpretation of the I-Ching and yet is important in understanding businesses and organisations.

The flow aspect shows how all businesses go through maturity cycles. And at each level these cycles require different skills.

What it all requires is that we each pursue our own entrepreneurial giftings and leadings. And as we do, keeping our eyes and ears open, we will attract others seeking their entrepreneurial giftings who will lead us on to combined huge success.

Isn’t that network marketing?

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