Have You Lost Your Natural Mind?

There is a certain amount of courage, ambition, and foolishness it takes to start a business (speaking for myself). There are 100s of other things I could’ve done to make a living, while saving a lot of time, work, and money. However, I chose to blaze my own trail. I’ve done everything imaginable to make it happen–and come to think of it, I will probably do everything necessary (so long as it’s legal/ethical) to keep it going. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, right? I had less risks than many entrepreneurs do when I first started.

That’s because I had no family or kids and I was pretty much alone–all of my risks were mine alone. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it all over again…which leads back to my original statement. It takes a certain amount of courage, ambition, and foolishness to start a business (speaking for myself, again). There are many people going through, or who have already been through the challenges of starting a fresh, new company that could help the world. To them, my hats off. To you (if you’re not there now, or going through it), my encouragement to keep working towards fulfilling that dream that no one can turn you away from. That’s the definition of an entrepreneur.

Of course, this sentiment is based on my own experiences as an entrepreneur. You may or may not have an easier journey. I would like to dissuade you from starting a business if your heart as well as a certain amount of reason is not in it. If you believe you can succeed, and you have a winning product or project, go for it with all of your heart. Minimize your risks, and maximize your potential to gain profit. Finally, if you’ve started the plow already, so long as you have a business that is ‘profitable’ so to speak and benefits the world, I encourage you to keep pushing. Don’t let anyone turn your plow!

Much success in 2011!


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