Definition and Significance of Video Marketing

Video Marketing refers to the promotional strategy deployed by companies to promote products and services by using short, attractive and educational videos. The main purpose of preparing such videos is to induce or spread awareness to the prospective customers about an organization and its products. An entrepreneur can entice a potential client for the purchase of the product by spreading its awareness. The visual demonstration of the message makes the advertisement or promotional video appear lucid and visually appealing.


In an advertisement that comprises of text, a potential client has to go through the text to figure out the message conveyed. This consumes time and effort on the part of a targeted customer. However, if the same message communicated through visual demonstration it consumes less time and a customer grasps the message with ease. A visual illustration has the potential to create an impact on the minds of a viewer. Therefore, a promotional video should be short, alluring and informative in nature. These features in a video help a viewer to retain the message for longer time. It may tantalize him to purchase the product or service mentioned in the video. Many marketers use Internet marketing videos due to the emerging trend of more people turning to Internet in search of information. Therefore, online video helps you in reaching a wide range of best prospects instantly. Online video enables you to reach the targeted customers across geographical boundaries and fetch maximum number of customers. This expands the customer base of a company. It also enables an entrepreneur to tap the international market and make his presence felt not only in the national market but also in the foreign market. Online promotional videos are catchier as compared to other types of advertisement. It captures a viewer’s attention quickly and ingrains the intended message much fast than the simple text. A video can give a demonstration of a product’s use and usability. You can also add effects to the video to make it more appealing.

There are many video marketing services offered if an entrepreneur decides to get an attractive video made by any good company. Technology has also improved tremendously that provides you different tools to track traffic and analyze results. There are various tools available that shows the number of times video played by prospective clients. Others help you to know the number of visits paid by the customers after watching the video. Many other types of tools show the number of visits converted into sales.

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