Being Seriously Casual

Casual but fashionable clothing is an important element in a man’s wardrobe. Wearing the right clothes and dressing smartly and stylishly can increase your chances of impressing not only the ladies but everyone around you. Men’s casual dress collection is quite extensive and includes jeans, cargos, chinos, track pants, and a wide array of shirts and T-shirts, tank tops, retro tops, sleeveless and transparent T-shirts. It also includes casual summer wear and casual business wear.

There is a casual dress and style of clothing for every individual and body type and multiple varieties to choose from. The kind of clothes you wear very often indicate your personality, be it conservative, flamboyant, formal or casual. If you wish to be fashionable, it is essential to wear clothes that highlight your strong features, flattering your body type and at the same time disguise the not-so becoming body parts.

The Basics of Smart Casual Wear

Almost all men will have a set of smart casual basics in their wardrobes. Basics typically include four clothing groups – jeans, pants, T-shirts and button down shirts. However, basics do not necessarily mean ‘plain’; they too can be trendy and fashionable. For example jeans today are more fitted while shirts have a narrower cut than before. These can be worn as smart casuals at any hip informal function.


To glorify these basics and make them even trendier, you could accessorize and shift your look from one style to another. When teamed with a few well-chosen accessories your basic men’s smart casual wear will definitely turn into a statement of style. A simple hipster with a plain T-shirt can be livened up with a baseball cap, loud Nike shoes and a cuff watch. For a more yuppie look, a sweat shirt with a university logo, a chunky metal watch and loafers would do the trick.

With the right basics and accessories you can make a fashion statement that will have women eating out of your hands. There is a unique and different clothing style for everybody according to your body frame and height. Choose horizontal prints if you are thin and vertical, if you are slightly on the plump side choose pin stripes. If you pay a little attention to detail, the same simple clothes can do wonders for you. Most importantly, your casual wear clothes should fit well, especially a pair of good jeans which should fit snugly and flatter your body. Badly fitting clothes can make you look scruffy and untidy. Smart and intelligent dressing will not only make you look good but enhance your confidence and style.

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