An Interesting View of Stock Market History

An Interesting View of Stock Market History

Many financial experts and economists around the globe are fascinated with its rich history, and most would agree on the importance of stock markets. The stability of a nation’s economic situation is often judged by its stock market situation; people look upon it and use it as a means of potential earnings and possibilities of increasing wealth. markets are organizations that were established to secure and facilitate stocks and securities between brokers and traders.

Many historians are adamant that the first stock market began in Italy, Venetian bankers made use of government securities in order to conduct trade. These strategies soon spread to different parts of the globe. But it was the Dutch who invited people to join the share market to purchase and create the first joint stock exchanges. This concept of continuous trade by the Dutch was introduced during the 17th Century. Many countries participated and lost or gained money on this joint stock exchange venture.

In 1792 John Sutton together with 22 financial brokers created the first organized stock market on Wall Street, on March 8, 1917 it was renamed as the New York Stock and Exchange Board. Today other important stock exchanges are well established such as NASDAQ, The London Stock Exchange, The Bombay Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock exchange.

The stock exchange market is an extremely explosive ad fickle field and can create gigantic ripples through the worlds businesses due to the many slight changes that happen in a daily day on the market. History has shown some enormous fluctuations in rises and falls over the history of Stock exchanges. Some of the worst years happened in the 19th century, a well known drop was during the industrial revolution.

During 1929 many people invested heavily in the market, these people were in the mistaken belief that they would become rich even though they had no idea how the market worked. This resulted in the market going down and a lot of investors had to incur huge losses to counter the advancement that had been made over the years. It was after this market crash that the Great Depression occurred in the United States.

A Bear market was recorded in 1970, and is also considered one of the worst years on the stock market. This was another occasion as a result of rapid growth the market tried to realign itself but instead crashed. Stock markets follow cyclic patterns and people who are ignorant about trends and how the market works often experience severe setbacks.

A study of stock market history is a crucial part of investing on the stock exchange. And investor who is serious about his or her investments will make a careful study of stock market history.

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