Affiliate Marketing – The Ugly Truth Of Affiliate Marketing Finally Revealed

Affiliate Marketing – The Ugly Truth Of Affiliate Marketing Finally Revealed

Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you can earn money by helping other people to sell their products, and they give you a certain percentage of commissions. Affiliate Marketing can be a very profitable way to start your work at home business as it can be started with very low-cost, and income potential can be relatively high.

However, there are many people who don’t know this one ugly truth of affiliate marketing, and as a result caused them to failed miserably in their venture in affiliate marketing. Regardless if you are an affiliate marketer now, or in the future, I believe it is important for you to know, to avoid failure like 90{5579a4f790a1703f03f9e8973666cfa8cd3511cf74edb6fd520545ba0854a635} of the affiliate marketers out there.

For affiliate marketing, you can sell either digital and physical goods, and many people have chosen to sell digital goods, mainly because of the simple process, and a higher percentage commissions from their partners.

There are many online platforms where you can sign up as an affiliates, and the most popular platform for digital products is ClickBank. ClickBank allowed business to put their products up there to get other to sell for them, and also allow people to sign up as affiliates and sell other people’s products for a commission.

When you’re selling online, you would normally send your online customers to the product owners’ sales page, and through a unique identity link, the system will be able to track your sales efforts. When your customer make an online purchase, you earn a commission. However, here’s the ugly truth.

Whenever a sale is made, the product owner will obtain the customers’ contact information as part of the sales procedure, and add these contacts into their contact list. Then, whenever they came out with a new product, these new customers will be the first to inform. In other words, your ex-customer who bought products through you in the past, can buy directly from the owner itself, and you will lose your commission, and the product owner can save money without paying you too!

You are getting making a one-time sale being an affiliate for the product owner, but the owner makes a life-time sale as long as the he introduces new products to the market every time.

What that leaves you as an affiliate marketer?

You just have to keep on looking for new customers for product owners because once you stopped looking for customers, your income will stop, but the product owners can just market to their existing customer base, which you have gathered for them, and make money whenever a new product launches.

I sincerely hope you understand this ugly truth if you are considering to step in to affiliate marketing as your business. To avoid being one of the 90{5579a4f790a1703f03f9e8973666cfa8cd3511cf74edb6fd520545ba0854a635} who failed, many marketers at some point of their business, created their own products and hire their own affiliates, to increase and sustain their profits.

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