Affiliate Marketing For Chiropractors

Affiliate marketing for chiropractors is relatively new in the profession and hasn’t caught on yet like it has within the general internet marketing community. That being said, there’s an explosion and massive income shift that’s going to happen this year that hundreds of chiropractors are going to be part of.

While many folks are swimming in negativity about the state of the current economy, I submit to you there’s never been a better opportunity to build an additional stream of income on top of your current chiropractic practice. This can be accomplished with strategic affiliate marketing for chiropractors. The true beauty is, you can start from scratch and don’t even need an ounce of prior experience.

We’ve all witnessed chiropractic marketing change substantially in the last three years. It’s hard to deny the worldwide shift in communication that’s happened right in front of our noses. This new dynamic has given rise to an enormous opportunity for the select few chiropractors who choose to take-hold of it. Chances are, you may be asking yourself, “What are you speaking about?”

I’m specifically talking about an opportunity to STOP being a victim of ruthless insurance conglomerates who hold your meager $15 check (for an hour of service on your part) for a few months. Believe me, I know the pain and frustration! I’m very familiar with the pain of not getting compensated what you really deserve and having them send you check for pennies months after. It’s a constant slap in the face that many chiropractors take daily from the big insurance “cartel.”

Regardless of the amount of chiropractic marketing you do, it won’t obliterate fact that the insurance companies will more than likely pay physical therapists and medical doctors greater reimbursement always. So, if your chiropractic office does a decent amount of insurance collections, you’re bound to hit a ceiling sooner or later and you may find yourself in a rut like what happened to me. This turned out to be one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, though. I caused me to have a serious epiphany.

I ended up discovering that affiliate marketing for chiropractors provided a real opportunity to generate multiple sources of income from reputable marketing online. Yes, wholesome, feel-great-about-yourself internet marketing that can make you money 24 hours a day.

Let’s get clear here, we are NOT talking about multi-level marketing or pyramid BS. And, we are NOT speaking about “get rich quick” schemes. This can be done part-time in addition to your chiropractic practice. Some of the benefits of having your own affiliate marketing internet business on the side are:

1) You can make money without ever having your own product

2) There’s no inventory to stock

3) There are no products to ship

4) You can go at it part-time or full-time

5) No payments to collect

6) You can run the business from anywhere

7) No selling or recruiting involved

8) Low start-up cost, sometimes zero

9) Unlimited income potential if you have a blueprint

Can you make hundreds of thousands of dollars per day? You bet! Will you make that your first month? Probably not…. but I’ve seen a girl do it. Creating a trustworthy and credible internet business to compliment your chiropractic practice will take a little time and effort but it’s well worth it.

Finding a coach / mentor will get you on the accelerated path to making hundreds per day like you want. It will also shortcut the time and effort as well. I came to this realization after I had already dropped a two years and over $30,000 in costly live events

Please understand this about your chiropractic practice, it’s possible to simply build an extra stream of income via the internet. Ideally, your income sources should be configured like the Parthenon. In the event one pillar falls, other pillars are still supporting and keeping the structure strong.

Affiliate marketing for chiropractors or thinking in the certain way I just mentioned is not taught in chiropractic school. If it was, more of my fellow colleagues would be participating and creating better lives for themselves instead of continuously being humiliated by insurance conglomerates with a couple bucks here and there.

Right now, start to think of a particular industry you want to start with to select your product. It might be something you have a passion for like health. On the other hand, it may just be a hobby you have. Chances are, if you have a strong passion for something, tons of others around the globe do as well. As the parts come together, you’ll begin to see that making money with online affiliate marketing doesn’t seem as difficult as it’s been made out to be.

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