Adapt to Social Media

Adapt to social media and create residual income. By joining affiliate programs that are long lasting you stay in the game longer. Free tools must be exercised… some of them include backlink checkers and PR checkers ™ for Google PR.

When looking for backlinks… submit articles – they last the longest – on EzineArticles or sites like that but also talk to webmasters from related business to get a reciprocal exchange.

With Social Media – it is always changing so keep your post fresh and your ideas up to date.. Likes are gotten by people expressing interest in the posts that you recommend.. Video marketing can be done free with a Google YouTube account…

Getting back to the affiliate program longevity – the best ones I joined were Forex 7+ years I’ve been there… still profitable… ClickBank – many opportunities so you’ll never lose interest… and eBay – the biggest auction affiliate in the world in my mind…

In the twitterverse use #MLM #business and #entrepreneur as well as #Forex. hashtags are timeless and will carry on with the evolution of these sites… if you have questions I am always available.

One way to market was articles. One way to write an article is in essay format. Always appeal to the latest trends… visit the newest website in your niche… business news can be used as a reference as well

The best way to success is by positive thinking, One book you should read is “the secret” quantum physics has found that the ancient teachings prevalent in most religions today can be possibly modeled in modern science so don’t forget this tip.

To succeed in business you also have to stay healthy. one way is in habits and what you eat. here’s a simple recipe to end off the article

ingredients: blueberries




flax seeds




ice cream

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and place in freezer. After a few hours you have to cut the mix into squares and places on plates… then poke a hole and place one scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle. chocolate sauce goes on top.

All in all in this business you have to be wise and live a balanced lifestyle. Keep up to date and come up with new ideas by brainstorming often, Usually the best ideas that work are the simple ones. feedback is appreciated.

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